Day 278 – Central Hall Clock Tower

I got to go in the clock tower of Central Hall today! What a cool place! The webcams up there had smudges on the lenses, so I volunteered to go up to clean them for ITS. The journey up the various ladders and the rough hand-hewn stairs is a long one, but definitely worth it. The view is amazing from the platform at the top. I took my camera with me (with only one lens, unfortunately). There are some very neat rooms and spaces up in the clock tower. Here are a few photos:

South quad and Lane Hall:

Grewcock Student Union and North quad:

Delp Hall:

Plumb line to tell if Central Hall is leaning (Don’t worry, it isn’t!)

Behind the West clock face:

3 responses to “Day 278 – Central Hall Clock Tower”

  1. Dad Avatar

    Wow! what a great opportunity! Not many students get this view. The clock mech is interesting, definitely not a swiss timepiece. But like many other things at Hillsdale, if the old way works, why change it!

  2. David Avatar

    That’s basically amazing…I’m very happy for you!!!

  3. cagrimmett Avatar

    That is not the original clock mechanism. The original mechanism was gear driven and had to be cranked each day. I have a photo of the original mechanism, I will show it to you.

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