Day 265 – Hillsdale Blogs I Read


Today I thought about the blogs I read authored by people at Hillsdale. I want to recognize them because I think there are wonderful insights and photos on these blogs. Please check them out.
William Clayton’s photo blog. I link to this often-it is worth visiting. I learn new things about photography every day from William.

My suitemate Zach Howard’s academic, religious, and political thoughts aimed at learning to live well.

Shannon Odell
Shannon Odell’s photo blog. She is an excellent photographer with a style all her own. Check out her work.

Dr. Birzer’s blog: “An irregular blog, of sorts, dealing with culture, religion, western civilization, etc.”

Sam Branchaw’s thoughts on current events, culture, books, politics, movies, and “anything else that [he] can apply biblical thinking to.”

Liz Essley
Liz Essley’s journalism blog.

The Sigdorian
Adam Peterson’s writings on subjects all across the spectrum.

Laffy Taffy
Hillsdale graduate Rebekah Wilhelm’s blog of weekly poems and wonderful recipes.

Ambrotos Photography
Jan Wanek’s blog on photography (not necessarily a photo blog).

Burt Folsom
Dr. Folsom’s political and historical ventures.

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  1. Shannon Avatar

    Thanks for all these wonderful links, Chuck. 🙂 And for mentioning me.

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