Day 43 – Studying

I am in Kendall Hall studying for my first American Heritage midterm (Dr. Birzer) with one of my classmates, Anna Saewert. Today was also her birthday, so Happy Birthday, Anna!


I took this photo with the low quality camera on my MacBook Pro. (Photo Booth)  I apologize for not putting a lot of effort into this post. The studying is kind of consuming me. I am going to do my best to change that situation next week. 


Also, thank you very much, Sean, for updating for me yesterday when Hillsdale’s internet was down. I appreciate it!

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  1. Dad Avatar

    Happy Birthday Anna! A fellow aquarian.
    Heres tomorrows horoscope:
    The current planetary pileup in quirky Aquarius can entice you to express yourself in weird ways that catch others off guard now. Your friends and co-workers won’t expect what’s next, so your behavior could seem out of character. Today you can get carried away with your own brilliance. Your mind may be functioning at the top of its game, yet it’s still crucial to maintain close contact with your heart.

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