Day 15 – Charger Basketball

Tonight I took photos for both the men and women Charger Basketball teams. I caught a nice shot of this foul. The lighting in the sports complex is not optimal, so I had to shoot on 1600 ISO and f/2.8 to get enough light, so I apologize for the graininess. I need to invest in another flash unit since I have one already and a wireless transmitter for it. Two wireless flashes set up in the basketball area would give me plenty of light. I saw another photographer tonight that had that setup. Next time I shoot, I think I will try it with the one I have. Even one unit will give me more light.


Today was the second first day of classes (I have different classes on T-Th than MWF). So far, I am very excited for this semester. My first impression of my professors is that they are all very intelligent and on-top of their jobs. Instead of just handing out their syllabi, briefly explaining the course, then releasing everyone, my professors gave a full lecture in their first classes. I learned a lot from them on the first day, so I am very hopeful for the rest of the semester. Also, many upperclassmen told me that I have some of the best professors at Hillsdale for the courses I am taking; that also makes me excited for the semester. As I began reading the introductory material and first reading assignments, I found the works thought-provoking, yet not so difficult that I could not get through them. I will have a lot on my plate this semester as far as reading and writing go, but I think I can manage it without getting too stressed. I am looking forward to a great semester!

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  1. Andy Losik Avatar

    Don’t try and use a flash on the football sidelines at GVSU. I got a stern talking to from Lakerland security.

    Great blog. Fun to get an campus look at HC, 15 years after the fact.

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