Learning to Draw, Day 5: Upside Down Tufted Titmouse


Today was the last upside down copying exercise: Picking a line drawing on your own and copying it. I searched around for a few minutes on Google Images and found a drawing of a Tufted Titmouse from SuperColoring.com.

Here is the upside down comparison:

And the rightside up comparison:

I felt my focus shift a few times, which was interesting. Whenever I stopped to take a drink of my coffee, it was gone. But shortly after, I was able to zoom back in on small details and get back to copying them. I forced myself to disregard the eye and beak, and just focused on them as shapes. I found the feet to be very difficult, though. I think I got caught up thinking about them as feed. I think they turned out worse than the rest of the drawing.

This was easier than the last two days, partly because it is less complex, and partly because I’m enjoying it more.

Tomorrow I’m reading a section on childhood drawing development and doing a “pure contour” drawing exercise.

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