Advent of Code, Day 9: More Ember Data

Day 9!

  • My problems with yesterday’s ember data store not being recognized magically disappeared when deleting node_modules and running yarn to install them again. Node, man. So good, but so frustrating sometimes.
  • I got plants and gardens showing up in the ember data store after form submissions, which I verified with the Ember Inspector plugin.
  • I added a form for creating gardens.

garden data plant data

I thought I’d be able to get it all working locally before setting up EmberFire and Firebase, but after seeing that IDs for Ember Data are usually assigned on the server and having a talk with with Dave Wasmer and Ilya Radchenko, it sounds like I might be better off setting up Firebase now instead of trying to get Mirage to work. That is a little more than I have time for today, so that will be tomorrow’s goal.

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