Advent of Code, Day 8: Learning Ember Data

Day 8! Another short session of work on a plane before I go home and pack up my apartment. Today I finished separating different functional parts of my components into individual components and started integrating Ember data.

I hit an issue I wasn’t able to research since I wrote it only a place without internet access, so the below might be wrong.

My models:

export default DS.Model.extend({   garden: DS.belongsTo('garden'),   startDate: DS.attr('date'),   name: DS.attr('string'),   color: DS.attr('string'),   daysToMaturity: DS.attr('number') });  export default DS.Model.extend({   name: DS.attr('string'),   startDate: DS.attr('date'),   plants: DS.hasMany('plant') }); 

Tomorrow’s goal:

  • Figure out why store is throwing errors for me

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