Advent of Code, Day 6: Plant Addition Flow

Day 6! Short update today after tons of phone calls, move packing prep, and packing for a trip.

Today’s progress

  • Removed the mocked plant data for my testing and built out the plant addition flow:
    • If there are no plants, hide the chart, show the form, and show a header
    • After adding a plant, hide the form, render the chart, and show the Add a Plant button
    • Only add the resize listener after the chart renders

I also tried to fix a bug with the color picker where it wouldn’t close, but didn’t solve it.

Amanda gave me another good idea today: For items like tomatoes, it would be good if there was another bar at the end that was lighter to signify a harvesting time window.

Today’s commits:

  1. first use flow

Tomorrow’s goal:

  • Dig in further to tailwind for styling
  • Read the Ember Data docs
  • Use D3’s update() to update the chart instead of destroying and redrawing it
  • Break the components apart

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