Advent of Code, Day 3: D3 chart basics

Day 3!

Today’s progress

  • set up pods because that is what I’m used to working with at Crash
  • configured Tailwind in Ember
  • successfully rendered yesterday’s D3 mock inside a component
  • Talked to my first user (my wife!) and got feedback about the chart. She says vegetables should be sorted by when you plant them by default, not when you added them to the chart.

Resources that helped me:

Today’s commits:

  1. configure tailwind, move to pods
  2. add calendar component and add D3 mock to it

Tomorrow’s goal:

  • change the calendar component to be responsive
  • sort the vegetables
  • Change the data to be closer to user-input data (plant date and duration, not just plant and harvest dates
  • watch more embermap videos to learn how to update with changes to user input data

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