Simple Microblog WordPress Theme

When I learned about the project by Manton Reece, I decided that I wanted to host my own microblog, so I made a minimalist microblogging WordPress theme for that purpose.

I put it out on Github for others to use:



  • It is fully responsive.
  • Header image is the gravatar pulled in from the administrator’s email address. To change the header image, change the administrator’s email address and/or change your main image at Gravatar.
  • There is an option in the post editor to suppress the title for posts on the homepage and single pages
  • There is no main menu at the top. If you want a menu to get to sub pages, create a menu, then add a custom menu widget to the sidebar widget area.
  • The footer widget area is enabled. You can add any widget you like to the footer.
  • Comments are turned off globally
  • This theme makes it easy to verify your website with In the WordPress admin, go to Settings > Verification and put in your username.
  • Fontawesome is included via maxcdn because I like using icons.


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