Day 255 – Scenes from the Mock Naval Battle

Scenes from the Mock Naval Battle in the Arb Pond:

4 responses to “Day 255 – Scenes from the Mock Naval Battle”

  1. Mom Avatar

    Wow, looks like a lot of people went swimming in the lily-pad covered Arb pond….YUCK.

  2. Dad Avatar

    You go Amanda! Dippin in the Arb is ieckciting!

  3. cagrimmett Avatar

    haha, nice play on words, Dad 🙂

  4. Jane Rubino Avatar

    I’m surprised she actuallly got in that silly little boat. The girl that carries hand sanitizer in her purse takes a dip in that slimey pond. Thanks for posting the pictures, Chuck. It’s good to see she’s having fun. I liked the play of words, too.

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