Day 16 – Memory from High School


This video is from the beginning of my senior  year in high school. My friends Tyler, Dylan, and I decided it would be fun to eat Kool-Aid powder and record it. All three of us had a free two hour block where we hung out in Mrs. Opel’s room and were for the most part unproductive.

Have you ever breathed in through your nose in cold weather and froze the inside of it? That is what happens when you walk to class in the morning and it is -13 degrees without the windchill. With the windchill, it is -21 degrees. 

Tonight I volunteered at the Hillsdale County Senior Center to get my HTA hours for my scholarship (so it is not actually volunteering… just exchanging my labor for something else). I had to dress in a white shirt, black pants, dress shoes, and a tie. They had their large 25th Anniversary Banquet. Their donors were all invited.0 We were serving food and wine, as well as cleaning up and tearing down after everyone left. I was there for four hours, from 6-10. The good thing is that we had a break after everyone ate we got to eat as much of the delicious food as we wanted. Hors d’oeuvres, steak, and wonderful chocolate mousse were just a sample of the tasty fare. 


I will have a busy weekend of reading and starting my first paper (already) on Virtue in Joseph Addison’s Cato, A Tragedy.

3 responses to “Day 16 – Memory from High School”

  1. Mom Avatar

    I love the rolling credits at the end of the video…DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME…do it at school.!!! You are all crazy, of course I am sure I tried something similar in my time.

  2. Jacob Shalkhauser Avatar
    Jacob Shalkhauser

    That video is great! Very funny!

  3. Amanda Avatar

    I’m not gonna lie… this video still makes me laugh… a lot.

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