• Today I sowed radishes, peas, kale, spinach, and cilantro outside, and started tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, and rosemary inside.

  • Some thoughts from having lunch outside:

    • It is nice to get some sun!
    • I am really looking forward to spring and summer this year.
    • Also looking forward to the garden this year.
    • Very first mint shoots are already popping up. I’m very happy to let it take over the spot it is in.
    • The last two years I’ve had to reseed big parts of my yard in the spring. This year it will only be a small patch. I’ll probably put down clover seed.

  • Decided to just roll with it and pushed my work-in-progress to https://cagrimmett.com/weather/

  • Weather station blocks work in progress: Added historical sparklines for all data tonight. Thinking of replacing the Pressure line with an indicator arrow of which way it is moving since it doesn’t fluctuate much.

  • Working on sparklines with observations from my weather station for the last 48 hours in my weather plugin so you can see how things are trending.


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I build boats with my friend Jon at the Hudson Boat Company. I’ve built three kayaks and two Adirondack guide boats.

I do a lot of other woodworking besides boat building, too. My next projects: Making wooden toys for my son, turning bowls on the lathe, and making stick chairs.

I’m exploring and creating code-based art. It is a recent interest and I’m still trying to find my style.

I’ve been into photography since 2006. You can see some of my work in the Photography category, on Flickr, and in the WordPress.org Photo Directory.

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Chuck Grimmett

I’m on the WordPress.com Special Projects Team at Automattic. When I’m not online, I prefer to be hiking, reading, or woodworking.

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